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With Connected, you can explore a world of shopping options from 8 different countries, all from the comfort of your home.




Plan Your Purchases

Identify the deals and steals beforehand. Make your wish list from your favorite international e-commerce sites.


Check Twice, Ship Once

 Ensure the products you choose can be shipped to your Connected address in our 8 available countries.


Combine and Save

Got multiple items? We can combine your orders into one package to save on shipping.

At Connected
, we’re in the business of breaking down borders so you can shop without limits. We understand the thrill of snagging unique items from overseas markets and the frustration of complex shipping logistics.

Local Addresses in Global Markets

Connected provides you with a local address in 8 countries to use when shopping online.

 Simplified Shipping Solutions

Once your order lands at our local hub, we manage everything from customs clearance to last-mile delivery in Qatar.

Cost-Effective Rates

With Connected, enjoy competitive shipping rates that make international shopping all the more worthwhile.

Secure & Reliable

Your parcels are in safe hands. We treat your items with utmost care, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition.

Need Assistance? We’re Here!

Should you have any questions or require assistance with your upcoming shipment, our dedicated support team is at your service.