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Special Offer: Enjoy a 56% discount on base charge when shipping from US, and 35% on base charge when shipping from UK

Check out below CONNECTED's affordable shipping prices to find out how much it costs to ship your parcel(s) home.

Shipping Rates in QAR:

Determine the chargeable weight

CONNECTED UPDATE: To make things simpler for you, we will be charging on actual weight for your shipments from the US and the UK!

Only oversized items will be charged based on volumetric weight. Items exceeding 140CM in any dimension will be categorized as oversized items.

In the event that a package exceeds these limits, please contact us to pay additional fees to have the package shipped. Or alternatively, we shall give you the option to return the item(s) to the US merchant at your cost.

Rewarding Programme

Terms & Conditions:

  • If you are a CONNECTED member, enrolled in the Rewarding program, you can earn CONNECTED Loyalty points every time you make a payment for shipping.
  • You can transfer your points to Privilege Club by simply linking your CONNECTED account with your Privilege Club account to start transferring points.
  • CONNECTED Loyalty points may only be transferred to the Privilege Club account of the main card member. Qmiles cannot be transferred back to CONNECTED once credited to your Privilege Club account.
  • Redemption options and point values can change at any time.
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