Why Connected?

Why? It’s simply because CONNECTED keeps you really connected.
We literally bring the world right to your doorstep.

We know you like hassle-free shopping, and saving time and money is your goal. Shop smart - we give you what you are looking for, and more. We provide an international parcel forwarding service offering you the advantage of shopping from the UK and the US, and the secure delivery of your purchases to one of our parcel lockers conveniently located around Qatar – some with 24/7 access, or to one of our many branches, or even to your home at competitive rates.



Shop from more than 50,000 overseas retail online stores



Over 20 thousand packages have been delivered
Why Connected

Stay Worry-free with Our ‘CONNECTED Care' Package

Worry no more. We know how your goods are important to you. With CONNECTED Care, we are there in every step to ensure you receive your package in perfect condition. For an additional fee of 3% of the declared value of your goods on request, we will also provide extra care against the unlikely loss or damage of goods during shipping.
Why Connected

Several Shops, One Shipment

Consolidate multiple orders from separate vendors into one shipment for cheaper shipping rates. You can consolidate as many packages as you wish. Although your packages will still arrive in their separate original boxes, but this option will be cheaper than sending each package in its own shipment.
Why Connected

Free Storage, Extra Saving

We welcome your packages in our warehouse at no cost for up to 3 weeks. We give you the convenience to ship multiple packages into one shipment to save you more money.
Why Connected

Keep Track of What Matters

We provide full and timely updates on your package status, from the time it arrives at our warehouse till it’s safely delivered to you.
Why Connected

User-friendly Interface

We make the process as simple as possible for you with an easy-to-use account and package management Website.
Why Connected

Stay Up To Date with the Latest Deals

We know how busy you are, so leave it to us. We'll send you the latest updates and exclusive deals, so you'll never miss out on them.