Update Your USA address!

Moving for a Change


What do you need to know about this change?

1Why CONNCTED change my address?
For a more efficient delivery from the USA we have moved our CONNECTED warehouse to a new location.
2Where I can find my new address?
The new address has been automatically updated in your CONNECTED profile. You can login to view it.
3Do I have to pay extra charges for changing my address?
No, there is no any extra charge for the new address.
4What do I do if my shipment goes to my old address?
Any shipment received at the old address will be automatically forwarded to the new one till the end of June without any extra cost.
5Is there any change on the Shipping Restrictions from USA?
There no change on the Shipping Restrictions, for shipping restriction click here.
6Is Houston Tax Free state same as Portland?
Unfortunately Houston is not a Free Tax state .
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